August the 23rd.

This is the third time I’m seeing 5:14 am straight without sleeping. I’ve fallen sick again, but this didn’t catch me by surprise, unlike the one that me and Eba caught while I was in Bangalore.
I tried to sleep in today but ended up waking early. So I decided to read up about double integrating data from an accelerometer to get the velocity vector and finally the position. I found a bunch of brilliant sources.
Foot tracker
These guys integrated the data by somehow removing the gravity vector, primarily for gait analysis. I wasn’t in the mood to read their entire PhD thesis, but I did manage to take a look at their Youtube video which was very impressive, exactly what I was looking for. But further reading lead me to believe that their algorithm was error correcting the integral drift each time the foot made contact to the ground. I needed something wayy faster than that for my application.
Here’s another one, it’s for motion tracking a helmet. Helmet tracking
I’ve saved them into pocket (a tool on my smartphone that’s made me pretty productive) to check out later.
Ultimately my search lead to the holy grail of mean squared noise removal, the kalman filter. I still haven’t taken the time to understand it, but I’ve been putting this off for far too long. However, my quest was interrupted to get some breakfast. And thus this trail was long forgotten.
Sometime around the afternoon, we were visited by my aunt Suzie who stays in Pittsburgh (Maya’s mum). She flew down here to see an uncle who had a cardiac arrest, he’s fine for now though.
I don’t recall the rest of the afternoon, but I do remember watching a couple of MIT open courseware videos on ordinary differential equations. But this was just a form of procrastination cause I needed to get my guitar strings changed, but felt too lazy/sick to get out of the house. I took the time to listen to my grandparents who inevitably had a lot to share dating between the 1940s and 80s. I’ve honestly found their anecdotes to be rather fascinating especially because they paint the world in a way nobody sees it today, and all their memories seem to be linked to strong emotions of happiness, grief, bliss etc. There were never stories told in a nonchalant way. My granddad mentioned that he really wanted to document what he had to say into a book, but no longer had the concentration to do it himself. That got me thinking about how fleeting any moment can be if they aren’t put down or chosen to be treasured as a memory (which I conclude, are always linked with strong emotion. I guess neural synapses pick emotion over logic), I’d also like to choose to believe that the reason that got me to setup WordPress and start blogging was to record those fleeting moments. I have also been taking time to answer questions on quora lately, motivated to try and change my attitude from being a lurker to a full fledged contributor.


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