CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) conference on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies


I consider it a privileged to start this blog on a high note. Yesterday (22nd August, 2014) our lab enamored the attendees of the CII conference with its current line up of prototypes and products. It was received rather well by the attendees, far beyond my expectation. The conference was held at Taj Connemara, which turned out to be another bonus, since it was just a stone throw away from my place, enabling a quick get away once the conference wound up. The food was great, the other stalls were intriguing and it turned out to be a day worth remembering.

The feedback I received about the prototype I am currently a part of developing was generally positive. Work towards developing the software for applications specific to the targeted disability areas need to be carried out soon. Information regarding the angular position of the movement of a limb in terms of degrees proved to be reliable thus far. However, it is essential to track positional data of the arm as well. Currently the data is not being interpreted though it exists. That’s quite a plateful to achieve in two months.

Meanwhile, I need to continue balancing academia, work on this device and GRE which seems extremely daunting at the moment. 


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